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About Yoga

Yoga is the way of self acceptance, a dance and exploration of yourself. It most certainly alters your body but it does much more than that: it changes the way you relate to yourself and to those around you. Come on and see what you can learn: health, respect, and motivation and determination to change whatever you need to change to live a more authentic, richer life. This is more than exercise: this is Yoga!

What I offer

Classes in Erris and Enniskerry. Personalised Yoga sessions designed for and with you, taught in the privacy of your own home. I work with schools, institutions, fitness centres, groups and individuals. I'm open to offers! More than exercise, I teach and facilitate based on a philosophical understanding of Yoga, an awareness of the rich interplay of energy within and around you. What you learn will challenge and stretch you. It will delight you. Are you ready to let go and see what's possible? Yoga offers strength, flexibility, an increased capacity for relaxation, and a sense of peace.

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My approach

I've been teaching Yoga for 15 years. I trained in the YTTC in Co. Down under Marie Quail, and since training, I have undertaken numerous short courses, retreats and other means of deepening my understanding. Just as important is my life experience: I've worked on the edge in many ways; but I also have a PhD in Philosophy, looking at relationships, including to Nature, and responsibility, for ourselves and the situations we're in. Yoga focuses on how to live, as does my research. The key is compassionate attunement. All change begins with attitude, and all attitude begins with attitude to the self. Namaste!

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